West Tree Academy of Heroes

disclaimer: west tree academy of heroes contains only 20 percent heroes. presence of actual trees not guaranteed.



Jacket 'Jack' Mann-Age:16

Ethnicity:West treean

Birthday:August 21st

Jack is a regular human boy who loves peace quiet and books, sadly he can't get any of these because his life has been completely turned around by West Tree and his socially retarded team.

Annabeth Saint


Age: 15

birthday: May 5

Annabeth is a young girl er- boy, who really hates girls and thinks he's the best kid around the town of west tree, also he has a tail and can transform his arms into any metal object he can think of, to bad he's not really smart enough to think up of any other object other than swords.

Sarah Smitt

Ethnicity: German

Age:451 (chronologically) 17 (biologically)

Sarah is a perky gothic elven succubus (she's illegal forever!(well, unless you marry her)) and she has been very lonley a good 451 years or so, she could use a friend, maybe these the team can help her with that! She lives in the past and constantly renfrences the things she loved back in the olden days of 2014, but no body gets them except the nerdiest of nerds, so most of the time it's just wierd on her part.



Ethnicity: Australian

birthday: May 18

a very mysterious guy who loves to hit on girls and hopes to go into robotics and healing someday, he says he's done strange things, and has an odd obbsesion with Annabeth.

'Pony' Ponotalamanny (or manny if your Annabeth)

Age- 18

Ethicity: Italian

birthday: september 3

Pony is a mormon farmer girl who has been constantly Hugged, cuddled, and loved! She has had a great life with her mother and her loving father. 



 Renne Descartes

ethnicity: French/Russian

Age: 13

Renne is the daughter of the Dean of West Tree academy, she is also the daughter of the person who runs brimstone inc. she is also a desendent of someone who is really good at givng others "The Dick"


ethnicity: Wigger (Water plus... you know)

Age: 17

Daughter of the god of the sea himself, Neptunia is a girl who is made out of whatever she drinked last, and depending on what she drank, determines her personality. She's a hoot at parties and really wants to get in Jack's pants.


Rokosho Descartes

Ethnicity: French/Russian (Mostly russian)

Age: 15

Rokosho is a big strong girl who could easily crush you head inbetween her thighs, but she'd rather cuddly with you and her many pet kittens instead, unless you mess with her sister, then your fucked.


The mysterious 4th one

She's hardly present, who knows where she is now?

Maybe she'll appear in chapter 9.